Monday, May 17, 2010


Vocabulary Unit 15 - test on Friday before Fun Day!
  1. absorb - to soak up or take; to keep the attention of
  2. amateur - someone who does something for pleasure and not for money; someone who does not have much experience
  3. channel - the deepest part of the river; a body of water that links two large ones;a long narrow groove; a band of radio waves ; a course of action / to make a long narrow groove; to direct or focus
  4. elegant - showing beauty , high quality, and good taste
  5. grace - ease and beauty of movement; a charming or pleasing quality; a short prayer before meals / to add beauty or honor to
  6. inspect - to look over closely
  7. lame - stiff, sore, or not able to move properly; weak, not satisfactory
  8. suspend - to hang in order to allow free movement; to stop for a time, interrupt; to bar from a position or privilege
  9. tiresome - annoyingly dull or exhausting; unexciting
  10. tranquil - free from trouble or disturbance, peaceful and quiet



Numbered List

Monday, May 10, 2010


We are finished with our reader, speller, and language arts books. We are going to use our Vocab book and follow what 4th grade does with vocab for the next two weeks. Hopefully, it will prepare them for next year.
The student will be responsible for spelling the word, knowing its definition, and filling in a sentence with the word.
We have reviewed the process in class, the test will be Friday, May 14th.
The words and their definitions are:
  1. advantage - something that puts someone in a better position.
  2. ambition - a strong desire for importance or success
  3. defiant - showing strong resistance; willing to challenge or confront
  4. fearsome - frightening or alarming
  5. imply - to suggest something without saying it directly
  6. merit - a quality that deserves praise / to be worthy of deserve
  7. negotiate - to discuss in order to arrive at an agreement
  8. purify - to make clean and free of dirt or pollutants
  9. revoke - to cancel by withdrawing or reversing
  10. wretched very unhappy or unfortunate, miserable, very poor in quality

Monday, May 3, 2010

It is a busy, busy, week.

Wednesday is the Spanish festival. Please help your child stay on task with his or her schoolwork. I know we only have a few days left. Sixteen if I am counting right. But we still have a lot to do and we will be busy until the end of school. We will work until our very last day.
The story for this week is "Elena's Serenade". The words are:
  1. cloth
  2. clothes
  3. nature
  4. natural
  5. able
  6. ability
  7. mean
  8. meant
  9. deal
  10. dealt
  11. please
  12. pleasant
  13. sign
  14. signal
  15. signature
  16. equal
  17. equation
  18. equator
  19. major
  20. majority

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vocabulary test on Tuesday, May 3

  1. abundant- large or more than enough; plentiful
  2. barrier- something that blocks or bars movement or passage
  3. conceive- to start something; to think up or begin to understand
  4. formal- following strict rules or customs; requiring fancy clothing and fine manners
  5. inquire- to ask about
  6. penalize- to punish
  7. picturesque charming quaint
  8. predator - one that destroy or devours others; an animal that stalks and eats other animals
  9. privilege - a special right, benefit, or permission
  10. slumber- to sleep lightly; a sleep or light sleep

Monday, April 26, 2010

This week we are reading "Two Bad Ants". The words are difficult and the students will probably need a little extra practice. The words are:
  1. leadership
  2. gracefully
  3. refreshment
  4. uncomfortable
  5. overdoing
  6. remarkable
  7. carefully
  8. unbearably
  9. ownership
  10. unacceptable
  11. impossibly
  12. reappeared
  13. unprepared
  14. oncoming
  15. misbehaving
  16. outrageous
  17. incomprehensible
  18. undoubtedly
  19. independence
  20. disadvantage

Monday, April 19, 2010

Field trip Wednesday!

Don't forget our field trip to the airport is Wednesday. Please help your children remember that is it a place of business and the airport is a very serious place. The tour will be stopped for misbehavior. I am sure we will do fine, but preparing won't hurt.
Our class will be the prayer leaders on Friday at Mass. Please try to attend.
Spelling words for the week are:
  1. question
  2. creature
  3. furniture
  4. division
  5. collision
  6. action
  7. direction
  8. culture
  9. vacation
  10. mansion
  11. fiction
  12. feature
  13. sculpture
  14. vision
  15. celebration
  16. fascination
  17. legislature
  18. manufacture
  19. possession
  20. declaration

Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy, Busy, week!

Tuesday- PTO Meeting, bookfair and Art show - 7:00
Thursday is the Psalty play. I can't wait to see what the book is up to now.
Next week is our field trip to the Airport and mass.
The spelling words for Happy Birthday, Mr. Kang are:
  1. above
  2. another
  3. upon
  4. animal
  5. paper
  6. open
  7. family
  8. travel
  9. afraid
  10. nickel
  11. sugar
  12. circus
  13. item
  14. gallon
  15. melon
  16. character
  17. cardinal
  18. Oregon
  19. particular
  20. dinosaur