Thursday, February 25, 2010


The story for this week is "Suki's Kimono". The words are: create, medium, piano, idea, radio, video, studio, violin, duo, patio, rodeo, pioneer, trio, stadium, audio, audience, radiate, cereal, Creole, and recreation.
We have also restarted Vocabulary. We are on unit 8.
The words and definitions are:
actual- happening in fact or reality.
brink- the edge; especially of a high, steep place.
chill- an unpleasant feeling of coldness.
conquer- to defeat or take over; master or overcome.
fortunate- having or bringing good luck, lucky.
fury- strong anger, rage.
intend- to plan to do something; to have a goal or purpose.
pattern- the way that shapes and colors are put together; a model or guide for making something; a design that is repeated.
vibrant- full of life, energy, or activity.
wit- the talent to describe things or people in a funny or unusual way; the ability to think clearly; a clever or amusing person.

The vocabulary test will be on Tuesday, March 2.

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