Monday, April 19, 2010

Field trip Wednesday!

Don't forget our field trip to the airport is Wednesday. Please help your children remember that is it a place of business and the airport is a very serious place. The tour will be stopped for misbehavior. I am sure we will do fine, but preparing won't hurt.
Our class will be the prayer leaders on Friday at Mass. Please try to attend.
Spelling words for the week are:
  1. question
  2. creature
  3. furniture
  4. division
  5. collision
  6. action
  7. direction
  8. culture
  9. vacation
  10. mansion
  11. fiction
  12. feature
  13. sculpture
  14. vision
  15. celebration
  16. fascination
  17. legislature
  18. manufacture
  19. possession
  20. declaration

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