Monday, October 26, 2009


This morning the children were presented with Jog-a-Thon awards. Special congratutaltions to Zachary and Amanda (1st place) and Julia and Cole (2nd place). Our top fundraisers were: Emma, Olivia, and Amanda. Very impressive.
We also have a new fund raiser begining today, watch for an envelop containing all the information.
The Spelling words all contain the blends: sh, th, ph, ch, and tch. The words are: father, chapter, other, alphabet, watch English, weather, catch, fashion, shrink, pitcher, flash, athlete, trophy, nephew, northern, establish, emphasis, hyphen, and challenge. The test will be Friday afternoon.
The vocab test Wednesday is over unit 7.
The words are:
ability: the power or skill to do something
avoid: to keep away from
bashful: shy, not at ease, especially in social settings
brief: short in tome, amount, or length
compete: to try for something, such as a prize; to take part in a game or contest
consider: to think about or pay attention to
delightful: very pleasing
honor: great respect; a sign of respect
reflex: an automatic response, usually very quick
remark a short statement.

Have a very spooky week.

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