Thursday, October 1, 2009

Unit 5 Vocabulary

1. accuse: to say that someone or something had done wrong; blame.
2. clever: having or showing a quick mind; bright, smart
3. coast: the land near the sea or ocean
4. delicate: easily broken or damaged; requiring care or skill
5. explore: to travel; discover; to look into or study something
6. imitate: to copy someone's movement or expression; to appear like something else
7. pierce to make a hole or opening; to run into or through something, as with a pointed tool or weapon
8. rare: not often found, seen, or happening; unusually valuable or good; not fully cooked
9. symbol something that stands for something else, a written sign that is used to represent an operation or calculation
10. triumph; an important success or win; a feeling of happiness that comes from winning

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