Monday, May 3, 2010

It is a busy, busy, week.

Wednesday is the Spanish festival. Please help your child stay on task with his or her schoolwork. I know we only have a few days left. Sixteen if I am counting right. But we still have a lot to do and we will be busy until the end of school. We will work until our very last day.
The story for this week is "Elena's Serenade". The words are:
  1. cloth
  2. clothes
  3. nature
  4. natural
  5. able
  6. ability
  7. mean
  8. meant
  9. deal
  10. dealt
  11. please
  12. pleasant
  13. sign
  14. signal
  15. signature
  16. equal
  17. equation
  18. equator
  19. major
  20. majority

Have a great week!

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