Monday, May 10, 2010


We are finished with our reader, speller, and language arts books. We are going to use our Vocab book and follow what 4th grade does with vocab for the next two weeks. Hopefully, it will prepare them for next year.
The student will be responsible for spelling the word, knowing its definition, and filling in a sentence with the word.
We have reviewed the process in class, the test will be Friday, May 14th.
The words and their definitions are:
  1. advantage - something that puts someone in a better position.
  2. ambition - a strong desire for importance or success
  3. defiant - showing strong resistance; willing to challenge or confront
  4. fearsome - frightening or alarming
  5. imply - to suggest something without saying it directly
  6. merit - a quality that deserves praise / to be worthy of deserve
  7. negotiate - to discuss in order to arrive at an agreement
  8. purify - to make clean and free of dirt or pollutants
  9. revoke - to cancel by withdrawing or reversing
  10. wretched very unhappy or unfortunate, miserable, very poor in quality

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