Thursday, September 10, 2009


atmosphere (n) the air that surrounds Earth; the feeling or mood in a room or place
brilliant: (adj) sparkling or full of light; striking and shiny; very smart
convince: (v) to get someone to believing something or do something to win over
endure: (v) to put up with; to continue in the same way for a long time
glance: (v) to look quickly; to bounce off a surface and fly off to one side
harsh: (adj) rough or unpleasant to the senses; unkind in voice or behavior
plunge: (v) to fall quickly; to quickly throw oneself down into something
precious: (adj)very high-priced; loved and adored.
swift: (adj) able to move at quick speed; quick to respond
unite(v) to bring two or more parts together to make a whole.

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