Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vocabulary words unit 2

capture: (n) the act of catching or gaining control by force or skill.
coward: (n) one who has no courage or gets scared easily.
exclaim: (v)to speak with strong feelings or emotions; to cry out.
gloomy: (adj) partly or completely dark;wearing a frown.
insist: (v) to state something or make a demand firmly.
passage: (n) the act of moving from one place to another: a trip by sea or by air.
restless: (adj) unable to rest, relax, or be still; without rest or sleep.
shallow: (adj) not deep;not showing much thought.
shatter: (v) to break into many pieces; to cause much damage.
talent: (n) an ability to do something well; a skill or gift.

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  1. thank you for posting vocab words...the book hasn't made it home yet!