Thursday, September 17, 2009


1. BORDER- (n) the outer edge of an object; the line where one part ends and another begins.
2. CERTAIN - (adj) having no doubt; sure; known but not named.
3. CLASP - (N) a device that holds parts together; a strong hold
4. DEPART - (v) to go away
5. FIERCE - (adj) violent: wild or savage
6. JOURNEY - (N) a long trip; a passage from one place to another
7. OBSERVE - (V) to see; to watch with close attention; to stick to or obey
8. SUPERB - (adj) of the best quality
9. TREASURE- (N) a collection of valuable objects; something worth a lot.
10. WISDOM - (N) knowledge and good sense, especially as a result of experience

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